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With me in Paradise

Where was Jesus between his death and resurrection?

It is clear that his body was in the tomb. That is why all three Synoptic Gospels mention the witness to the burial. However, this says nothing about Jesus’ spirit.
Paradise 1

The Rich man and the Begger

Both were presented by Jesus as entering their future condition immediately following death.
The spirits of the righteous enter a conscious state of blessedness and the spirits of the unrighteous go into a state of conscious torment.
Paradise 2

Hell Fire is Never Quenched

Sheol and Hades are identical,
They refer to a place beneath the earth where Pharaoh and all other wicked men of all times are confined.
Paradise 3

The Heavens are Opened

Stephen saw Jesus in glory, standing beside the Father. The fullness of the Spirit allowed Stephen not only to speak but to see into heaven.
In a moment, Stephen was praying for his murderers, then he lay there dead, his body laying there his spirit and soul was in the presence of the Lord.
Paradise 4

Natural Man and Spiritual Man

We are related now to Christ, not Adam, and when Christ returns the dead in Christ will be raised and living believers will be transformed with them.
Paradise 5

Give up the Ghost and Gathered unto the people

This beautiful image of death is found frequently in the O.T. It suggests that death is not the end, but that when a righteous person dies he or she is reunited with other members of his family.
Paradise 6

The Word of God Separates the Soul and Spirit

Man is composed of body, soul, and spirit.
The spirit is superior to the soul, and the spirit and soul superior to the body.
Body relates to self,
soul to the world,
the spirit to God.
Paradise 7

Absent from the Body Present with the Lord

To be away from the body through death is for believers to be at home with the Lord.

1 Th 5:23 I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Paradise 8


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