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Seven Churches of Revelation

The messages follow a common pattern:

A sharp and clear command, defining what the church must do to correct the flaws in its lifestyle or the errors which have crept in to corrupt it. The lamp stands represent the seven churches of Asia Minor. The seven angels are the human in the churches.
Seven Churches of Revelation 1

Each of these letters consists of three parts:

1. The introduction, specifying some characteristic
2. A description of the condition of the church.
3. A promise to the overcomer
Seven Churches of Revelation 2

Church of Ephesus

The church at Ephesus is commended for its steadfastness, especially against false apostles. But while standing for the truth, they had lost their first love.
Seven Churches of Revelation 3

The church in Smyrna and
The church in Pergamos

The church at Smyrna is commended for being rich despite their tribulation and poverty.
The church at Pergamos is also praised for its steadfastness, but faulted for allowing false teachers in their midst.
Seven Churches of Revelation 4

The church in Thyatira

The church at Thyatira is also commended, for their last works are more than their first. But they too have a false teacher and followers which jeopardize the condition of the church.
Seven Churches of Revelation 5

The church in Sardis

The church in Sardis is rebuked for having a name that they are alive, when in reality they are dead. With their works not perfected before God, they are exhorted to be watchful and to strengthen the things which remain.
Seven Churches of Revelation 6

The church in Philadelphia and
The church of the Laodiceans

The church in Philadelphia is promised an open door because they had kept the Lords word and not denied His name.
The church of Laodicea is then described as lukewarm, for which the Lord threatens to spew them out of His mouth.
Seven Churches of Revelation 7

To him that overcometh

Who are we to overcome? The world that is under Satan's power. How are we to overcome? By belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit dwelling within us and the Word of God abiding in us.
Seven Churches of Revelation 8


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