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Transference of Spirits

To transfer means to convey from one person to another.

Like The Spirit upon Moses was transferred to the 70 elders:
This Anointing that was upon Moses was placed upon the 70 and they prophesied.
Transference of Spirits 1

In Leviticus we see The transferring of sin by the laying on of hands:

The elders, on behalf of the congregation, identified the sin of the congregation with the animal to be slain.
Transference of Spirits 2

Transference of Spirits is one of the most powerful strategies used by God and also Satan.

Question: Have you witnessed positive or negative changes in your family, and friends,? … perhaps even in yourself!
Transference of Spirits 3

Spirits can also be transferred by words spoken.

The whole nation of Israel was infected: By The spirit of unbelief and fear And the spirit of the 10 spies transferred to all the people, except Caleb and Joshua.
Transference of Spirits 4

When a person is soul-tied to another person, spirits can transfer much easer between the two persons.

'Soul-tie' is a word to describe a bonding between two people. It can be a healthy or unhealthy bond.
Transference of Spirits 5

When a person lays hands on you they are intending to pass something they possess over to you!

Whatever spirit or spirits that they have can be transmitted to you. Good or bad
Transference of Spirits 6

The church needs to know what is in a person's heart:

How do you know whether or not an individual is the conduit of the Holy Spirit of God or the possessor of demonic spirits?
Transference of Spirits 7

Elders should have the right spirit; but you need to consider the end of their manner of life

God can put His Spirit upon you.
The prophet can put his spirit upon you.
The lying prophet can put his spirit upon you
Transference of Spirits 8


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