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Introduction to Hebrews

Key words found throughout the epistle is "better" and in general referring to "the words of Christ"

Hebrews chapter 1

The superiority of Christ
Better than the prophets, - He 1:1-3
Better than the angels, - He 1:4-2:18

Hebrews chapter 2

A warning against drifting by neglecting our great salvation

Hebrews chapter 3

A warning against departing from the living God

Hebrews chapter 4

A positive motivation is then given
The main points of this chapter
The promised rest
A warning against disobedience
Our great High Priest

Hebrews chapter 5

Dullness due to spiritual immaturity The main points of this chapter are

Christ’s qualifications as High Priest - He 5:1-10
A warning against dullness - He 5:11-14

Hebrews chapter 6

The main points of this chapter are:
The immediate danged of not progressing - He 6:1-12
The certainty of God’s promise - He 6:13-20

Hebrews chapter 7

The greatness of Jesus as our new High Priest is explained
The superiority of Melchizedek to Abraham and Levi
The change in the priesthood and the annulment of the law
The superiority of Jesus’ priesthood to the Levitical priesthood

Hebrews chapter 8

The New Covenant has replaced the Old Covenant (7-13).
The main point of all that has been said: "We have such a High Priest..."
The two covenants (the first and old, replaced by the second and new)

Hebrews chapter 9

Better sacrifice, the blood of Christ (Heb 9:11-28).
The symbolism of the earthly tabernacle and its divine services
The superiority of the heavenly High Priest and His sacrifice

Hebrews chapter 10

Despising God’s grace with willful sin (He 10:26-39).
Why Christ’s sacrifice is superior to animal sacrifices
The importance of drawing near to God and assembling with brethren
The terrifying condition of Christians who persist in willful sin

Hebrews chapter 11

Having stressed the importance of faith for salvation (He 10:39), the author defines faith (He 11:1-3) and then illustrates faith’s role in the lives of many Old Testament saints (He 11:4-40).

Hebrews chapter 12

Not to refuse or defy Him who speaks from heaven (Heb 12:25-29).
How Jesus was able to endure the cross
The role of discipline in the life of the Christian
The danger of defying Him who speaks from heaven

Hebrews chapter 13

Exhortations regarding conduct
How we should live as Christians
How God makes us complete in every good work


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