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Romans chapter 1

Two main points of this chapter
- Introduction (Rom 1:1-17)
- The Need Of Salvation (Rom 1:18-32) .

Romans chapter 2

The main points of this chapter:
- The Gentiles' Need Of Salvation (Rom 2:1-16)
- The Jews' Need Of Salvation (Rom 2:17-29)

Romans chapter 3

1) To understand the particulars of God's righteousness: grace, redemption, propitiation, faith in Jesus, and justification
2) To see the difference between a law of works and the law of faith

Romans chapter 4

To understand how Abraham was justified in God's sight
To see that the "righteousness" God imputes
To comprehend the nature of justifying faith by considering the example of Abraham

Romans chapter 5

The main points of this chapter
- The Blessings Of Justification (Rom 5:1-11)
- Comparing Christ With Adam (Rom 5:12-21)
Benefits of justification: (Rom 5:1-2)
- Peace with God,
- access to grace,
- rejoicing in hope

Romans chapter 6

To understand what takes place in baptism
To appreciate the freedom from sin which we may now enjoy in Christ

Romans chapter 7

The main points of chapter 7
To understand the Christian's relationship to the Law of Moses
To comprehend the dilemma one faces when they yield to sin

Romans chapter 8

The main points of chapter 8
- In Christ There Is Freedom From Sin (Rom 8:1-17)
- Blessings Of Being Children Of God (Rom 8:18-39)

Romans chapter 9

To appreciate why and how God could choose to reject the nation of Israel (except for a remnant) and accept people from among the Gentiles

Romans chapter 10

To see the importance of combining zeal with knowledge
To understand that Israel had plenty of opportunity to heed the gospel of Christ, but for the most part they had rejected it.

Romans chapter 11

To understand how God has not totally rejected His people of Israel
To see the possibility of apostasy for us today
To understand Paul's summary conclusion for this section

Romans chapter 12

The difference between conformation and transformation, understanding the process involved in being transformed
To appreciate the diversity of service in the Body of Christ

Romans chapter 13

To understand our relationship to the government
To appreciate the importance of love and moral purity

Romans chapter 14

The Objectives of Chapter 14
To learn how strong and weak brethren should deal with one another
To see the importance of being true to our conscience

Romans chapter 15

The Objectives of Chapter 15
To see further the importance of being considerate of weak brethren
To be impressed with the example of the churches in Macedonia and Achaia in their liberality toward the church in Jerusalem

Romans chapter 16

In this last chapter, Paul closes with miscellaneous instructions, greetings, warnings, and a doxology.


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